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Halal meat refers to those meats which have been ritually prepared and are acceptable to eat under Islamic law. The process results in an extremely high quality meat with a uniquely different flavor. For instance, many people would agree that you can tell the difference between conventionally prepared chicken and Halal chicken. Nazar Market is proud to offer our customers many choices of fresh Halal meat in Columbia, MD.

Nazar Market carries delicious Halal sausages, ground meat, and salami that most grocery stores fail to provide for their customers. We also have more unique Halal meat options such as soujouk.

What exactly is a soujouk? It is a delectable Turkish spiced sausage, made with cumin, garlic, pepper, and various other spices. It is a very salty sausage with a high fat content. Soujouk is generally served as an appetizer or a side dish, but is also traditionally eaten at breakfast time, and can be a great alternative to bacon or other pork meats for those with dietary restrictions.

Once you have eaten delicious Halal chicken, ground meat, or any of our fine sausages and salami, you will wonder why you ever ate any other meat before. We invite you to try our meats for yourself and see why. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed when you take home our delicious and fresh Halal meat. Whether you are cooking for yourself, your family, or many friends, these meats are sure to impress.

If you are looking for a high quality meat source that is clean, affordable, and absolutely delicious, look no further than your friendly neighborhood Nazar Market. You will surely agree with our many happy customers that our market offers the freshest and best method to prepare meat.

We invite you to visit us today and learn why Halal meat is the finest meat available.

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